Äpfelwein, Äbbelwei, Apfelwoi, Eppelwein, Ebbelwei, Äpplwoi - whatever you call the German cider, the several names come from the Hessian idiom but at the end itīs always the same: a good glass of apple wine, known as "Schoppen". Thatīs how itīs called when itīll be served in socalled "Gerippte", means ribbed referring to the rippled structure of the 0.3-liter-glass. Together with friends itīs recommendable to order a "Bembel", which is a blue-grey stone jug available in several sizes such as "5er" to "16er", meaning that 5 - 16 0.3 l glasses fit into it. The advantage: The apple wine stays cool, especially at summer days.
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Whatever you call your "Schoppe", itīs always a pleasure - since hundreds of years. Fresh apples from regions around Frankfurt (Taunus, Maintal, Wetterau, Odenwald) are pressed in October, approximately 150 kg are necessary for 100 l of apple wine. First the alcohol free juice is called "Süßer" (Sweetie) - than the storage in huge barrels is doing the fermenting: From "Rauscher" (roaring) via the "Hellen" (light) to the "Neuen" (new). And that one gets the "Alte" (old) with 5 vol. % until the next harvest. The annual amount of apple wine produced in Hessia is ca. 70 millions liter. Hereīs to you!
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